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Communication SixPack

Build resilience and strength to get communication match-fit with Sixpack, our signature course - six immersive sessions of communication coaching
led by human behaviour experts. 
We take a dash of theatrical technique, blend it with a unique mixture of psychometric and coaching approaches to deliver an innovative and change-inducing programme. ACE your communication skills by building Awareness, Confidence and Empowerment in challenging yet supportive environment.

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Remote leadership Six pack

A groundbreaking new programme to help leaders adapt to the post-Covid 'new normal'. Delivered remotely via video-conferencing, this Sixpack focuses on the mental agility you need to adapt to change, communicating with optimum skill via video-link and building remote-team influencing skills. This Sixpack is challenge-led practical communication coaching with a twist.


Individual coaching

Sometimes, it just has to be you and nobody else. Flexible and bespoke communication coaching packages, designed around you and delivered at your own pace. 

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Level up your leadership

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The ghost of business future

An interactive, immersive strategic development experience, to assist you in developing practical, credible and diverse approaches to the application of vision and strategy at employee level and in the boardroom. Imagine being transported into a variety near and possible futures to examine the risks they might bring and then being able to do something about it. Using diverse scenarios played by actors followed by intensive facilitated discussion, Ghost can be delivered in-the-room or online.



There's no better way for groups to explore attitudes, culture and behaviours than watching a scene and being able to re-direct it as many different ways as they like - just to see what might happen. Surface attitudes in a supportive way, shape and change unconscious bias whilst unleashing the collective imagination of your people by rewinding time, trying it again in as many creative ways as we have time for.

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Plan for your future

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It's an old classic - getting an actor to play a tricky customer and assessing how your people perform under pressure. An enduring classic with huge merit that's deceptively difficult to do well. We have a hand-picked team of high quality actors who can turn their hand to a myriad of characters, challenge your people with some twists and turns and then give excellent feedback afterwards. 


Corporate filmmaking

The first thing a corporate film needs is a great script and we have oodles of experience in researching and humanising your key messages, whether it be about diversity and inclusion, the latest requirements for customer service or a promotional film to be proud of playing at your annual conference. We'll take care of the entire journey, from storyboard to final edit. 

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Take your team on a journey

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