How & Why

Our methodology and values

Beauty in Nature

Do something, think about it,

do it differently

Our propitiatory dothinkdo methodology blends psychometric learning with theatrical techniques, structured on an underlying coaching-led approach.

At the heart of this, we believe meaningful, long-lasting development comes from "doing first", not from "training first". 

The route to building Impact & Influence opens up the rehearsal room to enable everyone else to get a taste of what it takes to find greater truth and humanity in performance, by developing a greater understanding of what we refer to as HQ, or ‘Human Intelligence’.

By working on situation, character, objective, atmosphere and relationship, we challenge individuals and organisations to develop greater curiosity, flexibility and specificity - whilst retaining and enhancing their individual authenticity. We call it Affective interaction, or Ai for short.

Our approach entails working with you to recognise and understand behaviour-led communication styles both in self and others, with the express aim of developing agility around
impact, influence, coaching, negotiation and personal brand.

"People never forget how you made them feel"


What people say

"I can’t tell you what an impact the course had on me – the importance of actually ‘doing’ and then reflecting in a group is such a powerful way of learning"